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Color me a paper boat

Wish i could draw a you,
and then me, 
fill us like picture cards.
like, in a pre-school sketch book

the yellows slip out of sunflowers
and greens, from hill tops, reach the skies
you see crows, colorless, flowing in a distant past
clouds , sun and rain peep down
to us, on a sail.

deep blue sea
dusk, wind and waves
shoulders, fingers, us. 

Play grounds of an elevener

I saw female curves in my early hour dreams. And often, drew them. Silhouettes in white, on my class six blackboard   
Later, we played King and Queen. Lone, after school hours, the creaking cot, and the dusk, mounting wrote poems on our skin.
The jealously, the bangles, and the dance we shared, Conspired, in my shower Where, we saw each other, budding
The colors on my canvas, Blues in rain and reds in snow. Bodies on a map, Latitudes, lust, slaughter, Seasons on my butterfly frock
I am the queen who waged wars of loss, Ran steps, climbed trees and bought a skipping rope. To abort, the lives Feared crept in.