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rainbow at the next rail curve.

Can u see a frock Flying through the rails With a life jammed inside
Soaring with the breeze Torn frilled lace.
Little frocky lives Across the river Down the pit.
Where days on end Sun sets at midnight.
She never saw a doll, a chalk, a hairpin Nor a papa shape.
But was cuddled Over arrack mirth She wondered often, “Why does love hurt my thighs?”
Yet not sad For she was denied a binary.
Ate what is left slept Mamma out of sight.
It was raining When she saw a rainbow slanting by.
“Little doggie dear, We shall watch it clear In the next rail curve. Let’s go run and swing on it.”
Steps on bars Eyes up high She laughed aloud As they flew along The windy rails.
A few feet past The wind blew hard 
Blind deafening grab.
She kissed her rainbow
When tossed up high In the next rail curve.

Miss Ant Polly

Miss Ant Polly march on her high heeled boots.
High up there She calls out miss Honey Bee.
Why ? A circle buzz so high?
Crawl down dear Bite of his heels
Fluttering wings shall drop Burnt out.
Look at me I just sway my back.
But u see, my dear, I have learnt to dance.

when in love

Thirty Is the ripe era To fall in love.
No home works No lectures No exams.
A dozen year old wed-lock. Wiped off novice.
Bitter half at gym Random kids at shuttle class In laws in star plus
She  Alice in nowhere land Floating over head and toe.
Cross him one fine day And later One more day
Childish love Teenage love Loveless love Leaps all her loves in a flash
A whole new world She falls for life.

adjectives stripped
(plain) love!

Imbalance is a brooding dog
splits her self to now and then.
She sweeps it away Under the bed And Over the cupboards
but, In vain.
Loves in her balcony, soul masked. Lives in her kitchen, legs spread out.
Emotionally unplugged, Certified winding machine. Today, tomorrow and day after…
But… dear love….
She was thinking of you When he made love.

… and I wed.

Saw him one Sunday noon Sandwiched in-between mom and dad. And uncles marching by.
I was glued in my room Staring at my window sill
Mirror…mirror… How shall I wear my shawl? On one side or on both?
Saree had been long dismissed
six metered Indian bandage  What if I trip and they find me lame?
Waited outside for roll call Pending verdict…
It seemed they forgot me in between global warming and market rate
Later I sigh a smile A damn new brand.
Half a dozen head nods filled the room Was it me or the roasted groundnuts? They approved of! Or was it the cold coffee?
Potted destiny.
Am I to wed all these nodding heads?
Who is father? Who is son? Who is uncle? Who is neighbor?
Why should you care? Do you  have a choice?
I was searching the night sky for a love fly When it was sealed and squeezed in to my wallet
“U can love him” They proclaimed! What luck! A love out of nowhere! fresh new currency 

Am saved!!
And I loved… I guess… I don’t remember…