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Transparency is Sin - Snippets from a Life


Biography should begin
from that coffee mug you toss against the evening sky and the ocean below, As you fall out of love.

The letter i wrote to my uncle when I was just four had a wrong address
I was happy when it came back for, I knew it had come back meeting my uncle  and the doll would follow.

Men I loved didn't love me back  or vice versa but every now and then, I tried to patch up with a chanced opportunity May be, like the lizard rushing through the sunset seascape on my bedroom wall to catch the fly like comma
the flight of seagulls  crossing the canvas.


My first love in school was a christian boy whom I hated, while he loved. But, I remember writing  a rather long philosophical treatise on the politics of social disharmony and personal threats in the condition of being in love with a catholic boy with regard to future prospects of food and shelter.
that was an eye opener I never knew before I was such a mature person!

Every time I kissed my boyfriend  I noted it in my diary I knew it wont last long…

The Seventh Wave

Some fears are like the seventh wave, They hit hard, even while you play card games of distant memories, Narcissist moves of redemption, on a silver moon shore.
They visit in sleep,  when you travel along those narrow streets of closed windows and collaged walls. 
As I move uneasily on my bed,  not dreaming of blue eyes, but moving away from the body that smells of my origin chasing the Pecolaof my nakedness, I stumble upon, conveniences sunlight midnight amnesia silence folktales mythology the genome project flames from self-portraits, or occasional lightening flashing across my windowpane.
With a history, that will survive me, of doubts, deliriums and darlings, war bodies of guerrilla front, I won’t sleep again this night or in another era.

Pecola : The protagonist of The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison