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Love, Resistance and some related issues

In every love
There is a point in future
when you learn to unlove
The day you undo
the probable Neruda in you
And stare back at the road
Withdrawn, like a festival ground
Abandoned by the kite runners
And bustling girls.

But then, rivers don't happen
Unless it rains. Over
The bamboos,
the honey bees and
your face

You need to flow, dash through the woods
And jump over cities, before
the pace recedes
into the swirls of the deep.

Darling dear, getup
And kiss the skies
Let the heavens come down
To conspire against you

Leave your mantle for her olive

To end like a morning mist
be the primordial fire
Of her genesis.

When you get ready to leave

It's not like sparrows leaving the country side
Nor the bulbuls for another tree.
But like fishes on fishing boats
Or the antelope before the leopard race.

You leave a last time.

From home
From work
From love

The legend says of eternal sleep
But it's just a case of memory loss

The indifference
that creeps into a frozen valley.

The faceless exodus
of another race.


of people long passed away
adorn the night rain
sweeping in

are they together, still ?
arm in arm
as the frame contains?
on a grey afternoon, among the champa trees.
the mother
her precious jewel
on to the warmth of her bosom.

the decades in between,
the picture and the present
An era
fading, in a family album
losing to termites
suddenly bloom like violets,
tossing out of the frozen time.

the cradle, the talcum and the smell of love.

you stare on to those frames
searching a milieu-
                           of corridors
                           jasmines and
                           the golden skies
- that would take you in,
so that, you can find a reason
to live on.