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Dog is a political animal each organ, each act, functions with a purpose. Slogans of teeth or tail. Her note pad scribbles leave out all those smiling dogism. tales of love and debt. and marks out one in violet, and later red, named sniffing. she has had dogs, from Sniffy to Snoopy but, none were more, a dog than a man, she met in a moving train. This animal, sniffs you out from ur morning bed, office desk and evening calm drinks your coffee for your black that may lead you down, stairs of dope. It licks, cuddles hugs , and even pierce you neck as it sniffs, for semen of men. The holy river, dosent make you a male God in white dust. It part ways, along your valleys of mounts and dungeons as you too, slip out of your skin with an ancient curse. Even though she was sleeping, a baby sleep, as he sniffed. She would get up and scream, "Infidelty is my birthright." and then, once again. She would call him, a dog.


Words are pitiless enemies
They haunt from places, far away
where one has left them
in half dazed moods.

They linger on your evenings
and over the dinner plates,
Even when one has oared
to other shores
of spring and summer

As I ride back to my
Original wrath,
I am clueless of my sin,
taken in.

Leaves fall and lands freeze
As another day dawns.

As I unlove

Men, I ought to have loved
from birth and beyond
have made me sense laser beams

Sharp and sudden threads of silk
pulled at random, over the senses

The weaver and his machine
and the arrow marks of pain

and then,
when the suddenness leaves,
choking my throat,
inevitable indifference,
casual cruelty,
and more, a vomit of scorn
defines the later me.

As I unlove