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Tunes you play for me

The tunes you play for me
are brown.
With souls walking in head scarf.
Short and hump.
Climbing hillocks of round stones.
Faceless, like extended life

There is a tunnel of rails
Murmuring the distant pace
Heartbeats in summer.

Folks of the altitude.

Strolling children from heaven.

Baby curls
Like swings of amazons.

A single bloom, yellow
in a pale grey canvas
Thick skies
Heavy like void,
of your pangs.

Burial ground.

Silver moon.

Withdrawing lives.

Slumbers of yesterdays.

Glow worms.


Strokes I fail to play.

This IS a poem

This is perfect time
To write a poem.

I ditched my love
For a lie.

And said on his face,
Rhythmically, with a falling intonation
“I don’t love my other”.
And added extra syllables
As I murmured
“But I don’t want him to leave me”