My thoughts seem dizzy
I need to talk
What all
I do not know
I feel like keeping quiet
But I need to chatter
May be silently
Oh! But dear
I am tired,
even to open my mouth.
Or, shall I sleep?
I need to write
I keep missing the papers on which I scrap down
Need to think it over again
But I feel like sleeping
Feeling too tired to think
Dull heavy drain brain
I need to talk
Or let me sleep?
Will it be clear over words unspoken?
Shall I debate over our locked lips?
Or else,
My drooping eyes shall speak
How will the far of land see it…!!
Shall I come over?
But I need to sleep
Or let me start writing?
Am tired
Shall I drink something?
Oh! The kitchen route is jam packed
It’s better to sleep over my dry throat
Still should we debate it over?
Oh no!
Am bored of all such long talks of exhaustion
Explaining  understandings and the
following annotated conclusions
shall I sleep?
Am tired.
So how shall we talk?
Will the silence..
Will the indifference..
Will the sleep
Will the fatigue
Will the no chat no call
speak for me?
Oh! Am tired.
Let me sleep
In this very bamboo chair
Shall I sleep near u?
Shall keep myself a little bit
Out of sight
Within sight
Or should I travel long
To see your shoulders moving ahead?
Oh! I shouldn’t be asking questions.
I am supposed to act as I wish
And u act out your wish
This is story time
Fantastic fables!
No questions.
Extinct mystery species
Rules extended to the mountain creeks
Overpowered by the smashing current
Oh! Why don’t I sleep!
I need to drop down unconscious
Let me be there with grasshoppers
Please don’t wake me up
Let me drown in that web of dreamless depth
Let me sleep
Am tired
I need to talk
Shall I?
Oh! No questions!
Am feeling hungry
Shall go have bread and butter
And sleep walk my talks
When am tired
As usual.


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