This or that, love and lust

Me, my upper lip sweat
and rolling eyes,
the pulse of urge I feel deep within
the gateways cross lipped.
Virgin land.

Our love is skin,
painted harsh
with beds forsaken.
in the name of love,

Love breathes heavy
among whispers choked
and slipping hands.
A game of lust
of bosoms bare
and leg base damp

Bathroom slippers or
way side flowers..
I, an over turned coat
on a prince charming.
I kiss him over dinner
and hug him in sleep
to roll on to the basement rotting

My arms are yours
Widespread and inviting
But legs are locked.
The gal who ran away
from the butchers knife
slaying the pleasures
of her shrunken penis.

Chain her breasts and
Wax her hole
For her head rolls upon
pleasures withheld
over monsoon drippings
of wine and loves.

Love is something u discover in unison
nearby overturned coffee mugs
or half opened book shelves
when u devour the other,
between readings from you and me.

My lust map was misplaced
at a way side second hand book shop
where dark skinned men, broad chested
had love making sessions

You kiss me on my nails
For it have cells dead
and polished.
Unlike skin pores

You and me
like pitcher and crow
shall throw stones
at love moorings
Sly and holy
over and beyond
my days and our nights.


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