Tunes you play for me

The tunes you play for me
are brown.
With souls walking in head scarf.
Short and hump.
Climbing hillocks of round stones.
Faceless, like extended life

There is a tunnel of rails
Murmuring the distant pace
Heartbeats in summer.

Folks of the altitude.

Strolling children from heaven.

Baby curls
Like swings of amazons.

A single bloom, yellow
in a pale grey canvas
Thick skies
Heavy like void,
of your pangs.

Burial ground.

Silver moon.

Withdrawing lives.

Slumbers of yesterdays.

Glow worms.


Strokes I fail to play.


Joy Palakkal said…
Nice Imagery!!!
creating a picture with words,colour..
With all Best Wishes!!
saint said…
hai poetess.....

People listen a moment,
Twelth is the day
And twelve thousand things
All to be done by me
As I am the brother
My hands are for these
My requests are genuine
And I am there till the end
Yet like a toss of a coin
I was on the down side
Presented and read
In dim lights
That goes on and off
You split things there or here
But we people are one
The need of life
And truth of future
Are not two different things!

wishing u good luck
lakshmi priya said…
thank you for the comments Joy Palakkal and Mr. Saint!

Saint, Do I know you?
Sachin Ketkar said…
Very vivid, evocative and mysterious poems! great!

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