Thus spoke Love

Each time I end a relation,  
I dust my room.
Not in search of bloody remains,
but for something worthwhile

suddenly you get hell of a time,
and you sleep endlessly.

and that's how , one day, 
I traveled to my pre-history.

In a backyard
where I made mud buns,
on white earth, that turned black as I drew on it,
I saw,
yellow blue flames 
twist and shake,
over wooden blocks,
like cabre dancers.

The red embers, those peep out
of wooden bars, wink,
and I forget
the smell of loss and my worries
for a grandma,

may be, that's how,
I learnt to dance
over human flesh
and rise to the skies 
for a moment or two,
before stretching in your sleep.
and calling it a day!

Thus spoke Love


you speak differently.Best Wishes!
lakshmi priya said…
thank you for reading :)
deeps said…
wake up

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