Love, Resistance and some related issues

In every love
There is a point in future
when you learn to unlove
The day you undo
the probable Neruda in you
And stare back at the road
Withdrawn, like a festival ground
Abandoned by the kite runners
And bustling girls.

But then, rivers don't happen
Unless it rains. Over
The bamboos,
the honey bees and
your face

You need to flow, dash through the woods
And jump over cities, before
the pace recedes
into the swirls of the deep.

Darling dear, getup
And kiss the skies
Let the heavens come down
To conspire against you

Leave your mantle for her olive

To end like a morning mist
be the primordial fire
Of her genesis.


deeps said…
that can hardly be resisted...

why not write more often?

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