Be a Buddha

Be a Buddha, in love
Take long walks
With the shadows of the forest
Spread your hands
to know the width of your heart
breathe out your desires
let it gather to form the winter mist
and later clouds like silver fields

On those lone moments
When the flesh pinch
Like nails, drain your body.
Let love, like sweat
flow down your neck.

Those evenings when you sense
The sea in you, stay away
From the moonlit sky
Or be a whirlpool
and swallow deep
Your love.

The storm that hit the moor,
Love, breaks branches like  
Crushing bones
And you
The dark, insane wilderness.

Conjure your Buddha
Uproot the Bodhi
Hold it high
Let the birds come back
Like the wind returning late night
Frozen and white in love.









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