After Dark

Each day, each hour one lives
Is a step towards nothingness,
Not even memory in its most primitive form
Comes along that night, When you
choke your breath out as never again.

The moving train and the vanishing green,
One sleeps like an unsung rain
Abandoned, like the shadows one leaves behind.

You become the darkness outside your study,
sounds of the night that scared the child in you.
Or the snake trail on desert sand
Like the rhythms of summer.
A haunted tree, birdless and raining leaves.
The white flowers, like stars in your courtyard.
The loneliness of a one foot lane or
the sway of the kaattaadi.

But never again,
Footmarks, walking home or
A love, like Spring.
The hues of your evenings,
the agony of withdrawals or
thoughts of it in some nether land




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