Its a Long Way Home


It’s a long way home

Through the woods and greens

And the sparkling blue.

It’s a long way

through the yellow fields, and wind

like  cotton flowers over the sky

it’s a long way home

to the west end,

across the bridge, and

into the clouds.


When you walk alone,

Through the roads like pythons at rest,

you learn to dance

Your hands, your robes

fly like seagulls over the infinite sea


A long way,

Through the years

marked over your tree of life

as faces, dates and moments.

Through the loves you buried

And others you died of.


A long way before the rain

And through the flood


A long way, a long way,

of purple skies and red earths

Through the strings of guitar

And the music of the mountains

Through the forest and

moods of life in its variety

A long, long way,

Such a long way,

for the final turn

that would take you home.











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