Castrated Catharsis

The lava is thick and gluey.
it seeps in to my pores
and peels off my skin
am blazing within

I dived in to a near by sea
but a shark spat me out

Ran to the fish market
to find ice cubes
big for that shark
but I saw its tail swinging
in a prehistoric weighing machine

I rushed to a way side hamlet
it had twelve ponds and a canal.
but the pool saint there taught me
new lessons of life.

still I managed to dash deep
in to the tenth pond from west end

I saw a crocodile
preaching sermons
on how to catch a monkey
with a fullfledged heart.

Ran for my life
to the mountains of ice

I saw a man crossed legged
tall and straight
muscle powered glamour guy

He is hot as a pepper end
said my prayer room scraps.

He saw me burning
and skated away,
for fear of a deluge,
to a nearby city of rivers
where I too can
plunge for a penance

I did it too
but under water
saw disbelief,
a planet, burning red

I lept out

and now
as I rise in this rain
I see a queen in red
burning bright
in this twilight.


Laydeee ... u have immense potential for magic realism ... great imagery. left me cold, wet n dry at the same time !

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