It’s a sea blue graveyard

I went to see
A man dying.
He lived in a sea side graveyard
Among random pines and
Disciplined tombs
Legs stretched and head scratched
He spat on the wind blowing.

Once he lived in
the mountain blues
and rock side caves
Made love with the banyan beauty
and invoked his dark sharp lady.

They walked down vineyards green
Narrow straits of full night moon.

He was raped
At the waterfalls
Naked woods
Danced around
His sunburnt passion.

He was lame
When he moved again
To tree top heights or lake side shines
With evergreen moths or dragonflies.

The man was stripped
Of his yellow skin
As he crossed the bony bridge
To his sand white eternity.

Last day
At the deep blue graveyard
He fed his heart
To seagulls mating
And his toes to
red ants marching.

In the shore line silhouettes
Of dry bit mist
I saw pigeons flying
As he lay dying.


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