Love is in the air but am here !

the only thing unusual about the day was that i met him. and as people all over say, every thing toppled overnight. this time i guess, from toe to head.

the day struck me permanently blind of my in laws culinary tastes and hubbys favourite shoes. i forgot to water the barren pot at the first floor balcony that made good luck peep in through the velvet curtains.

at beakfast table and later at the kitchen sink i stared at the after meal dishes to find a route map of licked up desires of exhausted taste.

i couldd cook up so many as now i claimed to be in love, that came late yet so very different from the domestic one thrusted upon me like a second AC upper berth reservation ticket in a night train.

i had loved and lost (and even forgotten the names and peoples too ) so many a time, so much so that i often had hallucinations of love ghosts from bygone births.

may be thats why i was not so keen or rather tensed whn i knew i was about to fall in love , once again.(and that too when my hubby dear finally got a transfer to our home town).

in the long history of my love life, this one was so very different. this time i got a genuine chap, a neoclassical lover with bubbles of modernismpost mixed with jazz.

it was for me , i should say, a less effort love. i just needed to be there as me myself, as he did all the loving. it was like falling asleep over and over again in an early rainy morning. i slept for hours.

later on, summers changed as we fought the moment we talked. the early morning rain -cuddled -sleep- feel drifted, as you woke up, to that of having breakfast without brushing. the distaste lingered on even after that hot cup of coffee.

i was just wondering, may be between all those big talks and hugs of love he loved me so much, so very much, fully and completely, so jam packed that i must not have got the space to love him back.

i am a poor soul, u knw... poor me!


sad laks, very very sad. almost like this is the way almost all wedlocks go, i suppose. i do not understand why this happens ! even the so-called love marriages end up in a stalemate after some time. if this supposedly sacred and life long relationship is supposed to flounder about like this, what is the whole point?
lakshmi priya said…
anu dear,
life just goes on... u knw.... with its colours bright.. one way or another...

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