his Love's sanity

It’s when her summers fade to oblivion
That her ashtray smokes serpent curves over her desk.

She goes handpicking
edged sandstones
from the side walks
of a blurred out shore line
Where in between
pavements tarred
You find cat fur
Sprouting bush garden
of discolored golden threads.

The spider that fell on to her water jug
Birthed, drowning a generation.
The crystal jug she threw away
had a womb cuddled
Wherein a snake crawled deep
In to the burning darkness
Of steaming wax sealed rapture
To mate her in a she-dream.

Gliding lust spread on to her skin, bare
Like seaweeds on ocean bed
Leaving patch marks of red earth
Dry and torn.

She is insane, a damn sadist
In her ways of love
Says her man over her jerking thoughts
Handcuffed on to a single man

Her love curled down
Like her plaited hair
Forming strands of love
Clipped in between
For an authentic base
That she lost to her dream.

The other one
With whom she shared her cell
Called her sanity chained,
a would be saint. She says,
That’s why flies circle her for a halo
And ants march on to her feet
For their fleshy feast

She strayed along
Corridors sticky and pathways bewitching
From her desk to her couch and groves
And back to her one eyed serenity
Leaving sandbanks on her footmarks damp.


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