Zombie Trap

He seems like a piece of paper
On which she scraps endlessly
Her ways of cunning loves.

He is scribbled over and again,
Every night.
Only to be crossed,
Scratched and binned
Until blue bleeds from torn ends
Over the silver sky.

Letters, ominous night owls
Gaze, like night fire
Piercing skins of ash.

She draws his veins
And tag it zigzag
As a spider web
To swing in oblivion
Across pulses slayed

Her love is marked
As red dots virgin
Droplets sinking
In moonlight ripples

Red oozed out
Of his neck lines deep
Inkish blue,
Her snow white bedspread.

His love is found lost
Like overgrown graveyards
Where flowers bloom from
Heavens decayed.

They found him dead
At the staircase corner
Passion bitten
With neck marks deep.
Blooming white
In her vampire lust.


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