We saw sparrows, flying over may flowers

He, from his window sill and

I, from my corridors of twilight shades.

We stood there, floors apart, as distant time

Gazing out at the leaves before the fall


Time conspires against people

hiding them, inside frames of yesteryears.

They move around in black and white

like a movie from the silent era, unless

snow melts on the first dawn, when

reindeers come out to shade them gold.


You meet for a first time, some day

after so many days together

In a city, you shared.

On those lanes you walked together,

Unaware, in the crowd.

You hear the music of the alphabets

in the words, you left

for the other to pick up.

Smiles and silences glide

as if in love, like never before.


We take the road to the South,

One summer day

And meet the sea

like a flag flying out,

from the edge of the world.

We become the blue

of the current in our veins

as we leave, hand in hand

for a mastless sail.



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