I Wait


I wait for time
Like pollen wait for wind.
I wait for the night
Like night waits for the sound of cricket.
I wait for the next train
Like rails waiting to meet.
I wait for your smile
Like a baby waiting for its mother.
I wait for the sun
Like rays waiting` summer.
I wait for the dawn
Like birds waiting for the flight.
I wait for your shadow
Like dusk over the sea.
I wait for the holy mass
Like sins awaiting penance.
I wait for the wind
Like a desert wanting green.
I wait for your fingers
Like spring waits after the snow.
I wait for your lullaby
Like the sky waiting murmuration.
I wait for the pole star
Like wedding bells in fairy tales.
I wait for a nation, open ended
Like clouds and the endless sky.

I wait for my city
To come by night
I wait for the past
To repeat.
I wait for democracy
To dissent.

I wait in waiting rooms
For distances uncovered.
I wait at the festival ground
For people to turn up.
I wait at the foot of northern hills.
For the snow to melt.
I wait near the river
To be the debris of a distant quake.
I wait at the steps of the temple
For my goddess, coming down.
I wait over lunch
For the unpacked meal
I wait at the sea shore
To count the canoes back home.
I wait outside your senses
For a quick love.
I wait at the garden
To show you butterfly shades.
I wait near the contents
For the author to take me in
I wait at your finger tips                                     
To rain a Gazal.
I wait through the day
As rhythms of tropical dust.
I wait while I write
For metaphors and more.
I wait near the screen
To play a different me.

I wait
I wait for life
I wait for life to leave
I wait for life to leave while I wait
I wait for life to leave while I wait for you.












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