There is a point of time in life

When, the word love overflows

the four walled strokes of language

To touch the most subtle corner

of human imagination.


It’s a journey to your Bodhi

From the most personal,

of your fantasy.


You open your eyes to the world, for the first time

And feel the pulse of the red earth

On your empty wrist.


You no more crave for the body, he.

Or meditations of eternal love.

But some handy ones, occasionally

For the vibes in you,

Just in case.


And now, the world expands

Far beyond your finite backyards

To show the sea coming to you,

the sky falling down in smoke.

And to brood over silences of

Guilt, land, memories and other stories.


You see love crossing your courtyard  

And dissolving into,

the streets of hunger and the abandon

As ships into the Mediterranean.

Leaving no signs of the pride, that was.


Learn to love the mornings

That remind you of streets left to the rain.

And pathways extended, like a woman.


You will love the seeds you carry in your palm

And the northern skies with its lessons of infinity.


Love a baby bear, for the love it cuddles

And serpents for the deep blue sea.


Love your sleeplessness, for it talks of pain

And thus, the many joys you left to rot.


Learn to unlearn love,

that comes to you and

ends with you. For

you are the gypsy, within you









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