Change the vowel to make a new word!!

Change the vowel to make a new word
Says the kg teacher to my little boy…

Vowels change
So do words

Hat and hut
Cut and cat

Why alone vowels ?
Let it all topple over

Why a change between borders?
Let him make a new word order.

Tah and tac
Utc and uht

Long live the vocabulary…!!

Why limit them down to a cross word puzzle?
Two blocks right and four blocks down
Letters packed and couriered
Laid down bare and called a word

Lets go up and left
Mix them, smash them
Heat them
Shape them
Re shape, re re shape
Jumble it over and over
Over over and over
And make new worl/ds

Vpa  mmuummm agaim a mmmmuuu
And back to vpa..!!


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