rainbow at the next rail curve.

Can u see a frock
Flying through the rails
With a life jammed inside

Soaring with the breeze
Torn frilled lace.

Little frocky lives
Across the river
Down the pit.

Where days on end
Sun sets at midnight.

She never saw
a doll, a chalk, a hairpin
Nor a papa shape.

But was cuddled
Over arrack mirth
She wondered often,
“Why does love hurt my thighs?”

Yet not sad
she was denied a binary.

what is left
Mamma out of sight.

It was raining
When she saw
a rainbow slanting by.

“Little doggie dear,
We shall watch it clear
In the next rail curve.
Let’s go run and swing on it.”

Steps on bars
Eyes up high
She laughed aloud
As they flew along
The windy rails.

A few feet past
The wind blew hard 

Blind deafening grab.


She kissed her rainbow

When tossed up high
In the next rail curve.


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