when in love

Is the ripe era
To fall in love.

No home works
No lectures
No exams.

A dozen year old wed-lock.
Wiped off novice.

Bitter half at gym
Random kids at shuttle class
In laws in star plus

Alice in nowhere land
Floating over head and toe.

Cross him one fine day
And later
One more day

Childish love
Teenage love
Loveless love
Leaps all her loves in a flash

A whole new world
She falls for life.

adjectives stripped
(plain) love!


Imbalance is a brooding dog

splits her self
to now and then.

She sweeps it away
Under the bed
Over the cupboards

but, In vain.


Loves in her balcony,
soul masked.
Lives in her kitchen,
legs spread out.

Emotionally unplugged,
Certified winding machine.
Today, tomorrow and day after…

But… dear love….

She was thinking of you
When he made love.


lakshmi priya... I dont know how I reached your Blog. anyway it was a surprising experience. mildly shocking. but what I was shocked more - is the complete absence of comments for both of your poems- Love and I Wed... what is the reason ?
The icons you used cleverly does convey the message loudly and boldly. the dozen head nods, a dozen year old wedlock...
Happy to read them. I too have a Blog. Pls see if you have time

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