… and I wed.

Saw him one Sunday noon
Sandwiched in-between mom and dad.
And uncles marching by.

I was glued in my room
Staring at my window sill

How shall I wear my shawl?
On one side or on both?

Saree had been long dismissed
six metered Indian bandage 
What if I trip and they find me lame?

Waited outside for roll call
Pending verdict…

It seemed they forgot me in between global warming and market rate

I sigh a smile
A damn new brand.

Half a dozen head nods filled the room
Was it me or the roasted groundnuts?
They approved of!
Or was it the cold coffee?

Potted destiny.

Am I to wed all these nodding heads?

Who is father?
Who is son?
Who is uncle?
Who is neighbor?

Why should you care?
Do you  have a choice?

I was searching the night sky for a love fly
When it was sealed and squeezed in to my wallet

“U can love him”
They proclaimed!
What luck!
A love out of nowhere!
fresh new currency 

Am saved!!

And I loved… I guess…
I don’t remember…


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