Heart beat 1 2 3 anf 4 removed

I went up,
Four steps
The wet black stone stairs.

The glass door closed
I rang the bell
The monitor blinked and said
The bell echoed similar
Deep down the chamber
To the one that rung
One hour back.
Heart beat 1 2 3 and 4 removed.

Try once more or hold on.
I climbed down
And went for a walk
Skipped fence white washed
And draped green On those rolling hills

I sang a shepherd
Over clouds of clay
I flew a wizard
Alchemy drowned.

It was dusk
When I went up again
Those mulberry stairs
Door wide open
I stepped in
With the dripping rain

Candles burning lead me
Deep down the antique walls
Of portraits pale and luxuries grey.
To a balcony of weeded wilderness.

Through the murky fog
I saw her swirling away
Near the backyard pool

In her snow white gown
She seemed a piece of cloud
Skating on the ice, thick set.

She swayed in tune
With that door bell heard
One hour back
Heart beat 1 2 3 and 4 removed.


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