I am not an angel

I am not an angel
nor am I a beast

I may be satanic, impious and wicked.
the one eyed hellish old lady
with an apple in hand.
who climbed the cliff
to drop in that rainless thunder

I, a magician, can tear emotions
and wink over the blood flowing.
I shall paint my home blood red
and grow a cherry to full bloom.

I stab u left to right
and collect those sweat
to cover the marks
well dead of quivering

You a carcass, i knw
floating in the sea

a feast for piranha me
in a cannibal weed.

I dust u
I drain u
stamp ur love
over coal and flith

I am a sinner
wandering below the churchyard
for graveyards green
and rusty tombs.

let not sermons rule me
and dont bring me a cross
I shall doom erupt
a million seeds will rush out
of wild and bastard sadists

Let me die a slow death
dissolve my poison from spreading

cover my head
cover my toe
smash my eyes
and shut my breath

let me persih

but I wish to dream
your fingers locked in mine
before light fades of
from my brutish swinish memory.


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