Adieu metro

I skipped one metro for another
And later, one more.
For he promised love in a container.

I blinked my way at the railway.
One step behind
I climbed the cobweb stairs.
The intern corners smelled of sticky kisses.
I blushed.

My breath ran out at the 6th floor.
The creaking door lead me in
The walls had tales etched.
And the air rancid

But I was content
He was in love!!

Days slipped
Nights followed

He beer kissed my blood out
And fell bare in his hug.
I smelled liquor in and out.
and slept
my cloths shed and dreams torn

I searched love all over again.
In the slender crammed streets and blocked shops.
But nothing moved beyond my breast and thighs.

My luggage was light and baggage dull
Why don’t you pant when u descend stairs?
I breathed life along the dusky corridor.

For you and me
I left u metro, my love.
Hated you in a distant land.

Shall opt a sojourn

Never to love you (again)

To re/de claim
My incessant hangovers
The Gazes I emptied on the rails
My sweat worn self
Dripping sleep.

I am cross
Cross like hell.

I shed

my skin
my hair and nails
my mirth
my lipstick and jasmine roll-on
my smoke and rum 
my blasphemy, my god
my jerky loves and ravenous lust 
my overdosed daze and sporadic hysteria
my hunger strikes and over weight
my stench of four walled draftiness and
steam of distant slums.

I am dead.

I back step forward
Is there love in distance?


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