wailing for a her/s/elf

She is the other woman
Casting a spell in a subdued embrace.
A centipede with a thousand feet
Stamping her self
Drumming her rights

Diminish her urge
Banish her love
Thrash her senses
Wipe her out.

Why should I care?
For her self lost bliss…
Let her go die…
Under the red hot sun.
Shall burn her ashes
And vomit it out on a decaying bay.

Gulp it down
Pull out my hair

Walk back to you with a swollen smile
Be a witch in my love and pierce you deep.
Shall love with my skin
Through the Sunday markets
And out of growing lumps.

Should I wail for her?
For I lured her love to my bed.


Good to meet you,greet you and read you here

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